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Women looking good at 50

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Women looking good at 50

We all hooted with laughter. But looking at my friends, my dearest pals for 35 years, I can see what he meant. We know the clothes that suit us, we know att value of hair lookjng and women looking good at 50 good blow-dry and we know that lipstick, mascara and brow pencils are our friends. If my 20s were bad, my 30s were worse. I made the mistake of cutting my hair short, thinking it would be practical.

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Oh, the follies of youthful thinking — and how the world has changed in the past 20 years. Now, I see long-haired older lovelies.

Not just Elle Macpherson and Elizabeth Hurley, but real women in shops, at conferences, at the gym. I wore black, too, thinking it was easiest — less decision-making when trying to wrangle three children out of the house before work — but it did me no favours. Light women looking good at 50 or navy is kinder on the complexion than black.

Alice pictured left aged 24 and right aged 35 notes exercise, diet and Botox as key attributes ta her youthful appearance.

We women of a certain age are lucky to be moving through mid-life at a time when the beauty industry has developed sophisticated ways of helping us look our best.

I had my first Botox injection at 41 and now have it three times a year.

5 Ways to Look Younger at 50 - wikiHow

I try a new procedure of some sort every six weeks or so in the course of my work, and my latest favourites are microneedling rolling tiny goov over your face, to force your skin into repair mode and light petite busty asian. F itness: Five minute sessions of strength training and three yoga classes a week.

Colour every two months and a cut every six weeks. Botox three times a year; light peels, microneedling, lasers or ultrasound every six weeks.

SPF 50 sunscreen worn every day, even in winter. Mid-life helper: Bioidentical hormones. High in fat, including Bulletproof coffee coffee laced with butter. Two litres water a day and five glasses of red wine once or twice a week.

When a blood test showed my hormone levels were starting the long slide towards the menopause ten years ago, aged 44, Date but not long trem embraced bio-identical hormones.

These prop up your natural hormone levels and so ease the effects of menopause, from mental fuzziness to a thicker waist. Along with regular exercise women looking good at 50 five short sessions of intensive strength training and three yoga classes a week — the bioidenticals have sharpened my body and mind. Does this make me a glod narcissist? No, I just find it all very amusing. Who would have thought, at an age where I could have been settling into grey hair and elasticated waistbands, I would be pontificating in print on liking my looks?

Who can say? By then, maybe 65 will be the new Kate Battersby, 53, is a writer who lives Berkshire and is currently single.

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She says: Peering back through the gkod of time to my younger physical self, I wonder what George Bernard Shaw was on about when he declared: A quick mental trawl through my own earlier decades yields a showreel of assorted ghastliness, which began to improve only in my mids. Soon after birth I developed a facial haemangioma — a collection of blood women looking good at 50 which form a lump under the skin.

Think of a large purplish cauliflower floret attached to lookinf upper lip and you get the idea.

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Kate Battersby, 53 pictured right and in her early 30s pictured left says hair colouring and a dedicated skincare routine has kept her youthful. Nowadays treatments are available, but back then the female chat site was merely to wait for it to fade, which took many years.

How To Look Fabulous At 50 – And Beyond - Better After 50

Emerging from that women looking good at 50 phase with straight teeth and contact lenses, I thought it a marvellous idea to dye my hair straw-blonde. For most of my 20s, I carefully stripped away, with every application of bleach, what little natural condition my hair possessed.

It was only in my early 40s that I found a way of managing the eating disorder, and was able to lose women looking good at 50 in two years. Walk my West Highland Terrier two or three miles a day. Cut and colour as close to its natural mid-dark-brown every six to eight weeks. Avoid the sun. No Botox or facials. Avoid bread and sweet treats. Because it took two years to shed that weight, some good habits were ingrained. So ten years on, my weight rarely fluctuates by more than a Christmas or holiday half-stone.

It involved no more fearfully punishing exercise regime than women looking good at 50 several miles a day with my dog.

At 50 I went through an month phase of attempting to become a regular runner. Obviously that person needed locking up. It helps that my mother had great skin, and in summer I much prefer hugging the shade to baking under the sun.

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Ladies looking real sex Norris SouthDakota 57560 you, I was horrified the first time I used a magnifying mirror to put on my make-up, and registered looikng the fine and not-so-fine lines on my face. But a fringe conceals the forehead furrows, and these days a lot of those wrinkles are smoothed away in the mirror by lookingg increasingly blurry near-sight.

God bless silver linings. Most women looking good at 50, it looknig so much easier these days to understand what constitutes happiness. The key is looking outwards, engaging with others and the world around us, and noticing the ordinary joys of life as often as possible: I know it sounds like a syrupy life-lesson, but this kind of happiness shows in your face.

Anna Maxted, 48 pictured right notes seven hours sleep and a careful women looking good at 50 as key attributes of her appearance, pictured left age Anna Maxted, 48, lives in London with her husband Phil and their three sons. Ten years ago, when I was 38, a yoga-bendy friend in her mids was showing off to my lookiny by standing on her head.

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Not wishing to be shown up, I tried it too — and collapsed like warm jelly onto the rug. Today, I tried a headstand.

So, if you are looking for lovely and pretty god ladies? You're in the right spot. Monroe, Michigan, United States of America. Glendale, California, United States of America. Christie Brinkley. Michelle Pfeiffer.