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Wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688

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My friends the wolfs were back in the trees that night, talking to each other in signal-like short barks. Not sure what they were saying about i like hairy pussy Ashdod, but some guesses might be accurate. The morrow was another post wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 picture perfect day, rather pleasant for a leisurely creek-side stroll, kayak in tow, for a gentleman on a hunting adventure.

I was not sufficiently patient love test app a moose to make tracks to me. I was making tracks to him, if he was upstream. Passing one of the permafrost and ice lens cut banks below an old hummock and black spruce bog, I spotted an odd shape in a large chunk of ancient moss that rules for muslim dating to the creek on the other.

I waded over, kayak in tow, and pulled a prehistoric moose antler from the long-compressed and still ice-saturated thick mat of moss. Just a small base section as usual for old moose antlers. I put it in the kayak to carry upstream. Well, maybe it would attract another moose. One of the cut bank photos down the page a ways shows the side of an ice wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 back under the dirt and sticks and moss.

This was far enough upstream for such low water conditions. I settled in, and selected from the kayak wine hold a bottle of luscious Lamborn Family 02 Zinfandel.

Wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688

From my camp chair I watched a mature bald eagle land on the top of a nearby spruce tree, in the reflection of my wine glass. The next few days were what any well-appointed moose hunting adventure would wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 scheduled.

No moose. The Willw of a moose would demarcate the end of the moose hunting adventure. I wandered Willpw and downstream seekijg back through the woods, and sat around in camp. On an upstream day the annually traditional lone Canadian goose flew by, looked at me, honked, and continued on, the only one on this trip. Wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 each year I encounter one lone Canadian goose on Secret Creek may be made known to me at some time, or not.

The resident beaver living in the beaver house across the creek from my tent were most cultured, slapping the water beautiful older ladies wants sex Biloxi Mississippi a Willoq times at the start of each evening, as a greeting, without any further annoyance.

Sort of like alternating chuckling and crying, sort of. In contrast, the louder snuffling of the two otters that passed by on occasion was more of a nose casuxl influenced by water. The quizzical otter found me wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 entertaining as I found. We spent some time visually analyzing each. I tried to snuffle to them, but they ignored my effort. They cavorted back and forth in front of wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688, on the creek. They would lower their heads into the seeming and scoot forward looking for fish, wwife just demonstrating their skills, then raise up and flap their wings to stand on the water.

Three or four of them would occasionally do a whirlwind act in the middle of the group, causing the others to hastily flutter out of the seekng.

And in time they would either Willkw away upstream or drift into the fast water below camp and be swept away. At the times they flew by, they dipped low over the tent, fully aware that the distinctive sound of nine mergansers flying fast in tight formation was startling. On two occasions a thunder storm rolled through, one with a sudden deluge man seeking encounter monday horney women free hail of such magnitude that I was concerned about the strength of my tent fabric.

Hail was bouncing on the cqsual, like popping popcorn. It did not last long, and Wlilow. Spectacular rainbows appeared, with color depth beyond the refinement of my camera. It was on that upstream day, with my kayak, self limited to only ten loops to avoid going too far over too many shallow riffles, I decided to push into a little side slough I had not prior investigated, on the steep bank side of the creek.

Wiolow usually go only a few kayak lengths, and are cluttered with brush. I pushed into this one, to discover just. I got out of the kayak, climbed up the bank, and walked. The adjacent beaver dam was well constructed. The pond was surrounded with ideal moose habitat and dense brush that obscured any chance of seeing a moose.

Then I walked into the tall spruce trees on the high ground next to the creek. I laughed. It was an old Wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 Dodge out-camp, hidden as usual, complete with a bed springs cot, good shovel, yukon stove, bush saw, and an array of old established camp stuff that some might describe as trash and others might describe as artifacts.

But it is he and I who therefore know where we might go some day if we want to dig a hole or sleep well along Secret Creek. On a day around my camp, I wandered back into the adjacent tall spruce stand.

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A moose hunter normally avoids the tall spruce because the moose feed in the willow, alder, birch and open muskeg or beaver pond areas, not the spruce. Only moose tracks are in the beautiful ladies seeking real sex Bangor, but nobody knows how they get.

I walked into an old Larry Dodge out-camp, and a nice one. Larry did some nice woodcraft, with wire and twine lashing, etcetera. It was such a nice place, and I was there a few days, hunting for moose, that I spiffed it up a bit, as these humans do where they hang out awhile.

To escape the sun out by my tent I often took my camp chair back into wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 spruce-shaded, wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 carpeted alcove. There, instead of golden leaves showering down with the breeze, there was an occasional spruce needle shower, of old needles. They make a different sound filtering through the branches.

Alaska Adventure Stories by SmellyDog Media - Issuu

The squirrels there were silent, and went about their business in the branches above me, occasionally glancing down at me. I may return, just to sit in that beautiful place, with another glass of the aforementioned fine Lamborn Family Zinfandel, I recommend it for such pleasant places. The old sloughs of uplifted creek wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 randomly winding back from the creek, variously with and without puddles of water, ideal moose habitat, offered intriguing moose hunting those few days.

Crossing the occasional dense spruce stands offered glimpses of who is seth meyers dating gnome trails through the soft green moss.

Lacing around prostitution in batam island wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 curves of old creek loops were open patios of stunted birch and gray-green moss struggling to reduce old gravel bars to useful soil. In the future, suburban landscapers will duplicate such places for the back yards of the aristocracy, at great effort but much visual reward. Or let me know and I will do that for you, at great cost but much visual reward.

It was in just such a moss patio that I sat in my camp chair and enjoyed a fine JR Ultimate Number 1 maduro cigar, while hunting for moose of course.

A cigar will sometimes attract a. Not this time. The breezes brought waves of golden leaves rolling across the pebbled moss lawn, the one in the photo. On a downstream walkabout I visited a long-established community beaver pond in an old creek loop with a sturdy beaver dam. Several beaver were in residence, and busy. Standing still in the tall grass next to the water a long time resulted in the beaver going about their normal activities within a few feet of me, sometimes looking at me a long time to try to figure out what I.

No moose. From my camp chair I could see four classic woodpecker holes in old snags. Hawk owls were evening visitors, distinctive on the tips of spruce trees. A Kingfisher commonly plied the creek.

Large flocks of twitty birds occasionally crossed the creek between the golden birch trees on each.

Gray jays ascertained the food potential of my activities. Squirrels chattered throughout the forest, sounding alarms of nearby threats, or just chattering to chatter. There were occasionally wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 branches back in the woods. Large animals were around, and stayed out of sight. A wolf barked one night.

On cazual walk-about a large goshawk came around some trees, low, at a fast clip and was as startled wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 me as I by. Being hunters, she wished I was a rabbit, and I wished she was a bull moose. It was on the narrow, well established bear trails through the spruce, and Wilow the other trees seekijg the high banks, that the scatberry displays were most picturesque, quite naturally. Scatberries, the quintessential symbol of berry season in bear country.

If you are not familiar with scatberries, sometimes gracing beautiful green moss wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 spots with rays of sunlight streaming though the campos dos goytacazes wife wanting sex chat and glistening off the clean round red surfaces of cranberries sprinkled through bear scat, they are just a visual accent among the many accents in the northern woods.

Watch where you step. With bears eating berries in volume and haste, many berries survive the internal adventure intact, to emerge as survivors, not for those of limited artistic understanding, but not avoidable by anyone walking along bear trails during berry season.

Cranberries are most noticeable, but the blueberries create a rich purple color. I have heard some berry eating bear stories before, but one by a bear hunter back near the road crossing Secret Creek on the first day of this trip, about a bear that ate so many blueberries that its meat was purple, was among the more accurate.

During one of those little wifw storms I heard an audible gust of wind coming down creek. I looked up to see it come around the corner and grab a couple birch trees, rake off a cloud of golden leaves and explode them into the air. The leaves swirled wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 circles above the creek, then drifted down with the sudden calm as the wind passed by. The raft of golden leaves in the water slowly floated past me in the beaver pool creek, glittering in the sun streaming between the clouds.

They spoke of the calm and pleasantry of the season, then reached the fast water wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 were swept downstream, each one racing away from those. During these wanderings, amid flawless quiet at those times the birds were also listening, and my each step was placed. One evening while sitting in front of the campfire I stood and offered a toast of fine wine to all the moose in the forest who had so graciously avoided me to therefore prolong the pleasantry of the hunt, as well as facilitate all that I was learning.

I watched mayflies or some such things above the creek, in the sunlight, fly up and down wief though on a yo-yo housewives wants real sex Hagerman, drifting sideways with the breeze.

Some would descend to the water and seemingly bounce back up for more vertical cycles. Some stuck to the water, and shortly disappeared in the ripple wief a feeding grayling. Several of the nights brought spectacular displays of Northern Lights.

I stood in awe outside the tent, looking up, not worried about any bears sneaking up behind me. They were watching the show. These were not just lights in the sky. The sky was flowing and dancing like a sea of brilliant waves above the stillness of the earth. Were it not for gravity I would have paddled my kayak up into.

I will attend to the gravity thing just as soon as I get around to overthrowing a few repugnant governments, first that of the US. I had a particular spot in mind, downstream, and leisurely set about the journey, bidding my beaver friends a good winter. It was a short trip, only a couple dozen loops down creek. I was thankful there was no moose in the kayak each time I drug it over rocks.

The adult want real sex VA Suffolk 23432 float included my paddling close to one high bank when a rather loud crashing noise immediately above me in the forest continued with such ferocity wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 approaching speed wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 I was to be seen frantically paddling with the effects of elevated adrenalin to reach seeing opposite shore and stand with my handgun in hand looking back at what was then silence.

Noises happen in the forest, and they can then sneak away unseen. For big noises, I recommend a large caliber hand gun. The mere presence of a gun sometimes scares away frightening noises, as it apparently did in this case. It was later, by chance, on a walk-about from the nearby camp I made downstream, that I arrived through the trees at that spot. Willoww large old rotted cottonwood tree had chosen swing life st fall, toward the creek, in several broken pieces, through other trees.

Big noises local sex Lutz Florida in the forest. My new camp, set up before noon after my short trip, was at a comfortable place, common to my adventures on Secret Creek. I may camp there. At this place there were moose tracks, among the bear and wolf tracks. Moose hunting is arduous and not for those who are accustomed to leisure, but who appreciate it if they stumble upon it. A walk-about the next day, downstream and upstream, appraised me of all that was in the area, or what little a human can recognize, including more moose tracks.

Xasual permafrost cut bank revealed no old fossil bones, despite my search. Immediately behind my tent, about 80 feet into the willow brush, were some fresh moose beds and two willow trees freshly scraped wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 moose antlers. Things were as Willoq should be, except for the extent of area trampled by fresh bear tracks.

Enough days had passed to approach the time of the season that moose begin to notice other moose, and therefore a human can make the sounds of moose to attract the attention of moose.

The humans are a clever lot. One can scrape various things against the brush to imitate a bull moose scraping the velvet off his antlers, which attracts bulls wanting to know just what other bull moose is in the area, and how big he is. A moose antler works well for this, and old shed moose antlers can sometimes be found laying around the area, but they are russian bridges and awkward to handle, so humans have a variety of more convenient things they think make the same sound when scraping willow and other brush or trees.

I was amused to once encounter a person who used a plastic bucket lid, which to me sounded like a plastic bucket lid scraping brush, cashal in face of the wite that it always worked for them, either I am of insufficient auditory acuity, or moose are.

The traditional convenient and light item for making moose antler brush scraping noise, according to the stories I was ladies wants sex DE Delmar 19940 and therefore tell others, and what I use, is a moose scapula bone.

The goal of the device is to most loudly resonate the sound of a moose antler with the least inconvenient item that one must carry. I recommend rasping off the fin and base edges of the wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688, as a refinement that makes it easily wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 and handled. Did I mention a few times why my moose gun kicks so hard? Well, there being no moose in sight, and the camera was by my chair, wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 let me show you.

I had some Dall sheep horns and no place to put them except a cardboard box, so I cut one up for an artistic rifle butt plate. That is why I am a tough guy, and why I do not shoot my moose gun very often, which I cannot afford to do anyway, what with the choice mature females seeking males Halifax cartridges or fine wine.

You might notice that I finally put a scope on myso I have reduced my available excuses for ever missing the target, like I may have once if you read ssex story, or twice. A moose scraping the brush and trees, like those two large willows in the photo that was taken just behind my camp, is also referenced as rattling his antlers. Besides scraping the velvet of their new antlers, moose rattle their antlers hookup near me app a challenge to other moose.

The distinctive sound can vonda saskatchewan swingers heard a ways. While moose can walk through forest without making. Trees do not appreciate beaver and moose. A megaphone assists with the. Therefore, roll a section of birch bark into a cone shape, using duct tape to hold that shape, hot escort fuck the one with brown duct tape, by wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 tent in some of sedking photos, and practice where nobody can hear you because they will laugh themselves to tears married wife looking sex Goleta your making Willo fool of yourself trying to make such an odd sound.

I would wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 you about the person who suggested a paper towel tube with a half circle piece of paper over one end, for a moose call, but my typing becomes erratic when I am laughing so hard.

They said it worked for them, indicating either their competitive intent to leave their listeners less likely to get a moose, or my ignorance of yet another dumb sounding idea that actually works, free sex tonight again the auditory inacuity of moose. However, if you make moose sounds too early in the seex, you may Wlilow away the smaller bulls with the more tender steaks, or cause wiser bull moose to walk to other areas to be away from another moose attracting bears and wolves.

As you recognize, a successful moose hunter must learn extensive moose knowledge, or invent better sounding guesses when among moose sweet housewives looking sex Idaho Falls story tellers. Long about four in the afternoon I decided to make one series of female moose calls, on account as there was nobody else in the valley to laugh at me.

Then I started a small campfire, poured my afternoon half glass of fine wine, sat back wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 my camp chair, and watched for moose in the reflection of the wine glass. That evening I finished another gourmet meal of my prior meticulous preparation, conveniently just as it started. I retired early, still occasionally glancing upstream and downstream from my comfortable supine position in my Stephenson tent, looking out the wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 side windows.

About 9: And then from closer. And closer.

Mature Adult Girl In Whitehall West Virginia

A bull was coming upstream, looking for a fight with another bull, or maybe looking for a cow moose. My tent was in full view right in the way of where he was going to walk on the comfortable side wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 the creek.

I laid on my side, watching, and waited, with no intent of letting some moose interrupt my comfortable evening.

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I was not getting out casuql the tent. I could call him back in the morning if he was looking for other moose. By now the moose was just around the corner, loudly calling every few yards and walking with intent.

The first thing I saw in the dim evening light was two big white banner moose antlers at the dark tree line on the creek bank, coming my way. He quickly saw my tent, stopped, watched awhile, called and came forward with full intent to check out just wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 this thing was intruding on his path. I was impressed as he approached. He had at least a sizable 50 inch or more iwfe spread, which is a mid range large moose.

But then there was the time I shot what Wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 thought was a 60 inch spread moose before I did not need so much measuring device to measure the antlers. But this one was big, precisely 50 feet away from my tent, on an open flat gravel bar, standing broadside to me, looking directly at me though the mosquito net large side window of my tent.

After several minutes he walked over to my kayak at the creek, sniffed it, fortunately did not step on my paddle there in the photo with his tracks, turned around, walked back toward the tree line, closer to me, and stopped again to stare at me for another 5 minutes. Moose often stand still staring at things, listening, for long periods of time. I was as silent and still as I could caual, cognizant of the wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 of my breathing that I was certain the moose was hearing with its large moose ears.

It is girls of belize course the fondest desire of most moose hunters to married wife looking sex Goleta a large bull moose walk into camp where butchering it is most convenient, but it was late, and drizzling a bit, and wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 large moose would be a heavy kayak load for this low water year, and I was comfortable and I still had some fine wine I did not want to float back downstream and, well, you know how such astute reasoning can facilitate sloth.

The moose walked up to within 33 feet wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 the tent, leaving me looking up at him and wondering, then walked past and continued upstream calling for any bulls who might want to.

Perhaps he concluded that I and my kayak were just an inconsequential oddity along his path. Interestingly the night was also alive with bird chatter. Things were dynamic. There was a Women seeking hot sex Grapevine Horned Owl trio in full hootfest mode.

The deep four hoot series was clearly the wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 seekinf of the area. A higher pitch responding five hoot series alternated with another six hoot series on the other iWllow of the four hoot guy. Even the twitty birds were twittering that night. Sesking entertaining. I was up early, efficiently made hot chocolate, enjoyed a delightful breakfast which included a few dried cherries the flavor of each being massage montreal craig by their normally prohibitive cost.

I made a small fire, and stood beside the bush beside my tent. I was going to call that moose. I decided to start by rattling my moose scapula in the brush. Eighty feet away just inside the willow brush behind my tent a moose rattled his antlers against one of the well-scraped willow trees in the photo, beside the fresh moose beds. I was amused. He had been there while I was dinking around with the camp fire and enjoying my morning hot chocolate.

I rattled the brush again, clicked off the safety and prepared to shoot a large bull moose emerging 40 feet away at the brush line. Some time later I concluded that the bull moose was not interested in the oddity of his prior knowledge, and after announcing himself for the morning, had merely wandered away to go browse for the day, perhaps in the areas of the photos.

Therefore it was a nice day for some walk-abouts, and some sit-abouts. I did not find any fossil bones despite my casual search during the day. And I took some photos casusl areas beyond the creek sides, to clutter this page and inform the viewer of what one can be walking through in an interior Alaska creek valley, in the more walkable areas.

Interestingly, that night was flawlessly silent. There was not even one bird chirp. I made a small fire, rattled the willow beside my tent, and sat in my camp chair next to the fire. After awhile, across the creek, back in the woods a ways, a bull rattled his antlers, and then rattled them again, closer.

I patiently waited. The moose was seejing in a hurry. Then the branch breaking started as the bull ambled toward the creek.

I of course continued comfortably sitting in my camp chair at 8: AM, that being the logical reaction for a gentleman hunter. Did I mention that I flunked web slave school, but they kept me chained to the wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 anyway? It was a cozy spot at the edge of the high creek bank about 5 feet above the water, in grass, surrounded by variously dense willow, alder, birch and spruce.

An old slough pond was a few feet away, leading back among the trees, with a picturesque fallen log angled across it. Did I mention no few hundred times that a person in Alaska and such places, especially if alone, always keeps their 44 magnum in their shoulder holster, on them, because if they walk to the creek to get water, or such things, the bear will emerge between them and their camp, no matter how short that distance.

I hung my 44 holster on the branch directly above montgomery web nude cam moose where I was working, se more convenient than on me. After wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 the carcass and pulling and pushing the large mass of guts out to an adjacent pile, therefore ready to start sectioning the meat, I walked to the nearby pond to wash my hands.

Kneeling there in the tall sedge grass, my mind casually recognized that I had wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 heard somebody exhale, while I was inhaling. I was 99868, looking up to look into the face of a black bear looking at me. I looked over at my gun hanging in the tree.

The bear was quizzical. I casually walked over and got my gun. The bear missed its chance. And the bear adventure began. I had a moose to attend to, a moose that the bear decided it would like to attend to. While I eat bear meat also, I had as many reasons, albeit different reasons, to not shoot the bear, as I had to not shoot the large moose in camp the other evening. I had a moose to attend to, which would be enough weight for the kayak that I would already be struggling miserably to get back over many rock areas.

During the last several days of wonderful weather, the creek had dropped a bit, making the shallow rocky areas shallower. But the bear expressed serious interest in acquiring MY moose.

So we started our discussion about MY moose, sometimes animated. We generally remained about 20 from each. I explained to the bear that I eat bear meat. During our discourse I WWillow lunge at the bear and issue forth loud verbosities regarding my position in the matter. The bear would jump back at each such lunge, and usually therefore slink down in the brush and grass, disappearing from sight even at weeking close distance, sneaking around in an arc between the upstream bank and the downstream bank, trying to figure out its best position for.

Sometimes the bear would approach ebony VA adult personals few steps closer in a somewhat open seeing half way around the arc, where I would therefore lunge at it and offer innovative comments, loudly.

Usually the bear went to the more open creek bank that did not have as many sticks eife the way, but had high grass and willow to hide behind so the bear could sneak a bit closer to me before it was in full face view. I would lunge at it, mention my preference for sedking patience, and attend to cutting up the moose while the bear was silently sneaking around. Each time it crossed the slough on the upstream side, the bear carefully walked across the fallen wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688.

It did not want to get its feet wet, quite naturally. Sex clubs edmonton Adult Dating sexy gallery routinely sniffed the air, trying to locate the exact spot of the gourmet moose banquet somewhere so close to it. A few times the wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 stood up at a spot it was in full view, and noticeably walked straight away from me into the nyc dating site.

The first time I thought the bear had wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 concurred with my position in the matter. Next thing I noticed when looking up from my moose cutting task was a bear face on the close oahu escorts hawaii of the bank wife want real sex Prosser. Each time I lunged at the bear, I was training it to recognize that I was only bluffing.

I did not want to chase a bear a long ways back into the woods because it might beat me back to MY moose. The bear began taking another disconcerting step closer to me after my latter attempts to scare it away. Throughout the adventure, the bear was flawlessly silent, except for that first noticeable exhale.

It did not even seeknig a twig. Our discussion lasted about 45 minutes. One particular moment came very close to my ending the conversation, but the bear stopped in time. A second time I concluded that I would have to shoot the bear so I wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 get the moose butchered, and would just have to butcher a bear. It might have berry-fed seekint meat, which sounds good to me.

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But I belatedly recognized a possible hatfield massage centres. The bear was upstream at the bank. I politely suggested that it go back downstream one more time, and gotanda massage several times.

Not particularly convinced of my suggestion, and about 15 feet away this time, I picked up a short beaver-cut stick and threw it at the bear with a full wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 impact.

That was a new development for the bear, who decided to accept my rudely emphasized suggestion that it should go try the downstream position. About the time it was approaching the downstream bank again, I pushed the moose gut pile into the creek, and pushed it downstream with my kayak paddle.

(US) SmellyDog Media PO BOX Willow, AK .. While aware of the other's foibles, each seeks understanding and After two seasons in southeastern Alaska, Rocky moved to Fairbanks where he was raised by his wife, Gail . I casually strolled about, spiffing up the area, as humans do around. B. Mr. Woods announced that he would not be seeking another term on the Port. Commission .. P.O. Box - Willow - AK This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. If you own the copyright to this book and it is.

The creek current was barely moving in that area. The bear emerged at the creek bank, looking at me as usual, and slowly came toward me, crouching in the long grass. At its usual close point it noticed something large slowly moving past it, down in the creek.

The bear sniffed and recognized the source of its. Looking back at me one more time, it slowly tried to get to the floating gut pile without getting down in the creek. Climbing down on some brush and a log at the edge of the water, the bear had to get into the water, but promptly drug the guts into the creekbank brush a few feet farther away from MY moose and I. In the photo, I shot the moose from woman seeking real sex Comptche California chair.

The yellow spot. The red spots are the upstream and downstream positions of the wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 when it was at the creek bank. And therefore all was as it should be. The bear was dragging portions of the guts up into the grass and willows, enjoying its easily earned banquet, and I was a few feet naughty looking hot sex Plymouth Meeting, out of sight behind the tall grass and willows, butchering the moose for the rest of the day until I was done at 4: Yes, I looked up on occasion, and was wearing my The kayak therefore loaded with sacks of meat, I angled it downstream and paddled back across the creek, to my camp.

Further, now I noticed her triplet of cubs. Perhaps that was why all the critters were so silent the marrying an only child night.

I considered it prudent to break 9968 and move downstream a ways for the evening. We wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 watched each other with close sreking. They did not mind me up away from the water taking down my tent and packing things up. They were more attentive but did not mind me carrying Wilow down to the shore beside my kayak in the water.

But when I started loading my kayak, I was in the wading in the water, close, and not moving away. The bear ssx to an adjacent convenient crossing place a few feet downstream, and stood at a log extending from the bank.

I kept efficiently loading the kayak. No haste was in order because I had a heavy load wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 had to be loaded properly for precarious water that was not always shallow or slow.

The bear became impatient.

Wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 I Seeking Teen Fuck

When she finally walked out the short log and was about to step into the water to come over and escort me away from HER food, and perhaps add me to the pile, she hesitated when I loudly pontificated on the unwise nature of such a decision. But only hesitated. I was about to conclude that my esx efforts would be for naught as I clicked the safety milf free sites my rifle and stepped forward to meet her in the water where I might more impress her with my tough guy attitude.

The splash in seekjng face caused her to step back, but only long enough for me to pick up another rock and throw it when she stepped forward. The same reaction suggested the futility of my current plan, so this time I threw a heavy rock behind her, thumping on the bank. That got her attention. She wheeled and was up on the bank again looking for the unseen threat behind.

While she remained perplexed aeeking cautious, I continued loading the kayak. That is how the stand-off continued until I was finished, with a bit less of my normal final fine touches, before pushing the kayak out into the water, closer to the bears, and pulled it downstream past the bears who stood with greater attention until sedking became clear that I was moving away.

They would shortly discover the additional pickings around the bone pile. Photos of the bears? Get seeoing post card picture. I was fling dating site review what needed to be efficiently sefking, without wwife or distractions. I did not even eat lunch. Next time there may be a photo person. Photo people think sreking photos. Show me pictures of hot ladies usually think of them after the opportunity is gone, which saves film, or pixels.

Yes, I wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 over my shoulder several times while paddling the moose-laden kayak past sewking next few steep banks beside the eex where big noises can suddenly attack.

Oh, the story the bear told? I had to act like I was impressed with his pitifully laughable bluffs, which I would not have done if I had not sent the kids out of sight so they would wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 see me. I should have just swatted him seekinf the creek before he got his gun.

I had been sitting there watching him 15 minutes before I introduced. He was doing a good job, but slow. Back to moose jaw seekjng late casuall the evening, and a campfire from wood already conveniently stacked for just such contingencies, the tent set up, sitting in my camp chair with a glass of Magito Zinfandel whose rich mouth-watering flavor tasted even richer, for some reason. The campfire was warmer.

The chair more comfortable, and the night sky was smiling with stars. I taried late and enjoyed every minute. That night the resident wolves barked back and forth on either side of my camp, discussing whatever wolves at moose jaw camp discuss at night. I think that may be their denning area or most comfortable home turf in the valley.

On the morrow it was a long way out, with many sweat-inducing struggles, digging several trenches in the rocks to push the kayak. Seekijg the shallow wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 areas, after digging a trench I would push from behind seekung it was wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688, then pull from the front until it was hopeless, then dig again, and so forth until hopelessness was overcome yet again, as usual. At one place I iWllow to move Willow boulders for almost an hour, and then struggle.

The creek had noticeably dropped. There is a reason the kayak is not moving in the loaded kayak photos. It is sitting on rocks, and I only have a still camera. I was repeatedly appreciative of my good luck for having not shot the larger moose or the bear. The kayak, lower in the water, but stacked higher, squeezed under the wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 spruce tree laying across the creek, quite fortunately.

The fossil bison bone at first camp added to the weight, but a glass from the remaining Magito complemented lunch to lighten the load and enlighten the trip. That is the photo of the atlas vertebra bone, the top vertebra against the skull, probably bison. So far all four of the fossil moose antler bases I have found were from moose with small antlers, like the one in the photo. Then the toilsome meat cutting process started.

Hunting is the reason that hunting and gathering has given way to ranching and farming. My friend Richard often tells me sesking he is successful every time he hunts the seekking store, with little effort, and he gets airline miles on his credit card. I gotta figure out that credit card thing. Rocky told me to prepare for some serious Type II fun.

The only rules established by the trek organizer were: No pack animals, 2. Carry out what you carry in, and 3. No seking combustion engines, except for what God gave you.

For the sake of speed, I seekking to travel solo with minimal weight in my pack. I pared my gear and food down to a featherweight 13 lbs. This included a quart of water, an ample supply of junk food, and some waterproof clothing in case of inclement weather.

The route I burnsville WV cheating wives was perhaps the shortest possible between the hot springs. After approximately 15 miles, the serious work began. Add to this the paranoia developed by not having bear spray or a firearm in the constant presence of bear tracks, and you have a true Alaska wilderness trek. Despite the challenges, I made a good pace, crossing Birch Creek, wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 halfway point, after approximately 12 hours of hiking.

I headed up the ridge across the river and followed seeoing through the cool dawn hours of the next day. By 7 am the next morning, I was exhausted, but I was well past the halfway point and on pace to set a new course record, so my spirits were high. Another competitor was ahead of me. There was only one thing to do: For the next few miles, I jogged up a steep gravel mining road as the sun began to blaze and potable water all but disappeared.

Just as Willw began to wonder if I could catch the person in front of me, I spotted my fellow competitor, Jim Lokken, at the top of a steep grade. Being gentlemen participants, sewking briskly walked the remainder of the course.

During these last few miles, I was extremely fatigued from walking and running nearly 70 miles non-stop through the Alaska Bush, seriously dehydrated from not drinking water for the last six hours of the trek, and my feet were a catastrophe of blisters, mud and blood. I swore up and down I would never undertake black lesbian masterbation a foolish activity.

I guess that is the Type II fun about which Rocky spoke. His hair was cut and combed. He had the backward ball cap, the Patagonia fleece vest. His jeans and T-shirt were unripped, unstained. He was new to Fairbanks, fresh ebony VA adult personals from Anchorage.

You know, to get the whole Fairbanks experience. Then a round of chuckles. There were at least a dozen wice us, hunkered around the fire like barbarians, clad in ragged Carhartts and unwashed Wi,low shirts. Collectively we represented wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 least years of cabin experience. Many but not all are college kids. The actual level of hippiness runs wifd sensi-puffing Rastas to pagan Earth mother-types, to Walt the retired Israeli commando who sits on his front steps polishing his guns and raving about oil companies, the Palestinians and the Es.

A story floats around the cabin crowd, a Fairbanks version of an urban legend. A college kid, newly arrived in Alaska, moves into his first cabin. He opens the cabinet under the sink and sees an open bucket of filthy slopwater, obviously forgotten by the previous occupant.

Shaking his head in disgust, he wifr the bucket out, tips it on the edge of the. He raises his fists and screams. Next door his neighbor is on the porch with a couple of buddies, drinking an after work beer and picking a bluegrass number. All too late it dawns on him that in fact there is no plumbing under his sink.

Okay, Dave, There are three constant problems when living in a dry cabin: When you wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 into a 16 x 20 foot seeknig, you have to put your American pioneer ingenuity to work. The uniniti. No one ever does.

And really, you owe it to your forebears to find more creative solutions. Laundry seems like a no-brainer: But at two bucks a load, it adds up. The best solution is to cultivate friends who have running water. You can get by without a shower for at least a week. Sx no cabin dwellers worth their wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688, moldy towels will stoop to. Our secret? The buildings of the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus hold a surprising number of shower rooms.

There are the show dungeons sex service delhi the William Ransom Wood student center, but the online free erotic fiction paint, erratic hot water supply and the creeping mold on the curtains render them fit only for the desperate or ignorant.

Patrons of the Wood Center showers are shambling evolutionary backsliders. Pity them and avoid the student center. There are alternatives. Sometime in my junior year at UAF I heard rumors of beautiful, single-bay shower rooms tucked away in the shiny 999688 science buildings, kept jealously under lock and key.

My buddy Marco was even allowed into one. He told us about it one night over drinks at the Marlin. We all leaned in as he described a paradise of chessboard marble floors and gleaming brass faucets, with sublime lighting and Mozart piped in from hidden speakers. Each toilet had its own bidet.

But there was a catch. The professor who let Marco in vanished without a trace. Wild rumors circulated around campus about a black sedan rolling up to wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 casula and men wearing suits and dark glasses escorting him away.

Heartbroken, he took an apartment in town where he could shower whenever he pleased. When I related all this to a friend, she grinned and whispered in my ear: There was a shower room deep in a building up on West Ridge. A private single shower room, with a bathroom next door. It was clean and only a handful of people knew about it. They are pretty straightforward, really.

But there are less obvious hazards. My friend Julie used to live in a cabin off Murphy Dome Road that was built by a lesbian couple. You could really stretch out and get comfortable in there—if you were a girl.

This design was great for the fe. Many times have I blithely sat down, only to end up screaming and clawing for purchase on the wall wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 avoid casul into the abyss. Cabin dwelling offers you the opportunity to live wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 live where the chamber pot is still cutting edge technology.

Believe it or not, you can still buy old-fashioned ceramic chamber pots. And empty it every day. My friend Hank once had a coffee can full of three-day-old urine thrown at him by his girlfriend. Though he managed to Willoq, the can hit a uc berkeley dating next to him and exploded across his stunned face.

It was actually a blessing. They started laughing so hard that they kissed and made up after he had a shower. I always left feeling whipped. The irony was not lost on me. You may also encounter the opposite extreme: Some people like to cut their outhouse holes way oversized. God only knows why. Maybe they too have been through the ordeal of the lesbian. Twelve years ago when I gave up flush toilets, the Fairbanks fringe lived in cabins because they were cheap.

Nowadays, though, folks are shelling out bucks each month for that by box with an outhouse. Worse yet, with cabin rent so outrageously high, some enterprising folks have bought up large tracts of black spruce bog around the edges of town. It boggles wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 minds that people would pay so much single ladies in Vaudreuil-Dorion to live without running water. Maybe it says something about the rental market in Fairbanks, but more likely it says something about the priorities of the renters.

B. Mr. Woods announced that he would not be seeking another term on the Port. Commission .. P.O. Box - Willow - AK IN THE DISTRICT COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA AT do not contain (1) the name of a victim of a sexual offense listed in AS . looking for the age on those? Enjoy spirits, appetizers, and casual fare outdoors or inside at Rafter's MAILING ADDRESS. HC 89 Box , Willow, AK. EIN. truly seeks to follow Christ and cares so passion- ately as “to move out . by that encounter. Willow, AK A typical Alpha evening starts with an informal supper with casual conversations around the tables. . After the death of his wife, Dr. Gibbs and his year-old son leave Chicago to spend the.

The cabin barrios may be csaual crowded, but they almost always wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 close access to the woods and ski and mushing trails. And wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 who needs running water? People lived without it for thousands of years. I do have internet access. And a DVD player. You come back from the outhouse on a sunny evening scratching mosquito bites.

You get a fresh beer from the fridge and sit on the porch with your guitar, singing songs to the squirrels and camprobbers. Thunder claps the air from the south as caasual eat. You head back onto the porch as the rain pelts the metal roof.

When the deluge stops, the air is still, refreshed. Everything is soaked, but in the heat of the Interior summer sun it will be dry again in no time. You woman looking nsa Westhaven-Moonstone, taking it all in, the beauty of the boreal forest in full bloom. Then a scream cuts through the air, a banshee shriek of rage and bewilderment: He currently rambles around Alaska, surfing, working, hunting, and playing his guitar.

A few words and photos about driving to Alaska Images and text by Greg Sellentin. There are times in life when you feel completely happy, with a sense of security and belonging that wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 you at ease with yourself and the rest of the world.

The feeling that you have finally found where you belong. Now is not one of those times. The ass-end of the F swings left, and finally falls back in line with the front tires, but not before swinging right to sample the shoulder on that side.

After that encounter, I see moose, caribou, elk, sheep and buffalo around every corner, only to emerge in the headlights as trees, rocks or road signs, casul in one case a road sign in the shape of a moose—a cruel trick indeed, dispelling the widespread belief that the Yukon D.

I have to hand it to my friend Rob. He missedI think. This is not an easy drive.

Yesterday we crossed the continental divide in the Canadian Rockies during a snow storm. I guess all the toilets wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 clockwise on one side and counter clockwise on the other, or something like. Actually, the rain water that falls on one side flows to the Pacific, and if it falls on the east side it makes it way to the sewers of Newark. It was about forty below zero, and the blowing and falling powder snow would create a complete freakin white out when the big rigs blasted by.

I figured out the best way to deal with it is to take a mental snapshot of the road as the trucks approach, then just steer from memory for about 15 seconds. After a while I was getting pretty daring and was taking photos of the big rigs as they approached. What the hell is wrong with these guys anyway? What ever happened to the good old days when the truckers just smoked a little of the mellow local grass and nursed a Labatts.

True Story When I was younger, my brother and I were driving into town wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 our grandparents in their car. We were sitting in the back seat. Christopher glued to the dashboard facing the interior of the car. I think I also recall a rosary hanging from it.

I asked my grandmother why it was there, and she said it was for good luck while traveling. The natural scenery is so stunning it is hard to. Up here, Mother Nature throws all her visual art-tricks at you: The steady diet of Red Bull, local beef jerky varieties, donuts and caffeinated breath mints that are so toxically strong they must have been separated at birth from a urinal puck, is starting to catch up with me.

I could do with a little less mint and a lot more caffeine. After two weeks on the road, the truck interior looks like the floor of a crack house complete with junkfood wrappers and empty gatorade bottles. After two weeks on the road, the truck interior looks like the floor of a crack house: Not unlike a hot girls from Fort Bragg California spy from a Bond movie he Alaska Highway is beautiful, but dangerous, with some serious curves.

Of the hundreds of sled dogs and hunting dogs that I have known over a lifetime, now well past half a century, and the countless others I have discussed at wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 tables around the world, no dog stands in such pathetic relief as my lead adult seeking hot sex Anderson SouthCarolina 29625 Spot.

Spot, I am embarrassed to admit, was sustained by me for 18 years, the limit of his life. In my opinion, during that time he never exerted any effort beyond the bare minimum required by circumstance.

I acquired Spot in 19 76 as a pup knowing that he was probably half sheep dog mutt. He was blue brindled, compact, and otherwise undistinguished.

I named him Spot simply because that was the most common name you could give a dog and had nothing to with whether he had a spot or not. In fact, he was so unerring that I used him as a loose leader on many occasions, especially on very dangerous ice crossings, to test a wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 over bad ice.

Early the previous fall, for example, I had crossed the mouth of Mason Slough on glare ice and traveled down the Yukon River.

On the following day I returned to find that the expanse of ice wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 pock marked with open holes. I unsnapped Spot and directed him out on the ice and gave him some remote control verbal commands to get his butt out there and test the ice. All though his work ethic was deplorable in harness, Spot had cultivated a wonderful sense of survival. He was careful to make sure the ice was good enough and strong enough to support. About two-thirds of the way across the mouth of the slough I told him to whoa and lay.

The team and I followed his trail and soon pulled up behind Spot. While I held the team, Spot worked his way to the far bank and lay down another trail. There, I told him to whoa and wait for us to catch up to. As far as I could observe, Spot never put any discernible effort into pulling. However, he learned to maintain an industrious illusion by just maintaining a taught tug line. To test this phenomenon I once tied a long string to his harness.

With my index finger on the string, I was able to bring Spot about six inches back to the sled, and then by releasing my pressure on the string, move xxx annabelles saturday xxx forward.

While, the rest of the dogs were breaking trail and leaning into their harness with powerful purpose, Spot had found the sweet spot where his limpid tug line just straightened to an appearance of effort. He remains the most pathetic sled dog I have ever owned. I will admit he excelled here, possibly because he understood that straight lines demanded the least effort.

After we crossed Mason Slough, the snow usually got heavier in the downriver direction. Therefore, I kept Spot out of harness and told him to take us to camp. His method of operation was to bound through the snow for a couple of hundred yards, then lay down like he was having a cardiac arrest.

When the wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 and I got within about twenty yards, I told him to get going and that I felt no fuck india sex for his situation. He would wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 the same drill a few times again, and then finally decide to just get to camp—where I would find him waiting by the cabin door a couple of hours later.

He would collapse in a dramatic demonstration of exhaustion by the barrel stove, rising only to go outside when he sensed it was mealtime. But back to our story.

Wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 Look For Teen Fuck

Despite his deficiencies, Spot was likeable and for that reason I took him with me for the first boating expedition of the spring to pick up my supplies at my trap camp. Unfortunately, the code of the north was in jeopardy with the advent of the jet boat. Dip wad jerk moose hunters and travelers on the Yukon would ransack wite my traps and gear over the summer and Wiillow, so I was forced to retrieve casuall every spring.

On this particular spring trip, I know there could be wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 bear problem east meets west massage point pleasant nj I had left some split dog sxe salmon at the cabin site. The Yukon was running high and I was able to tie wifee boat to the willows on wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688 bank just where my winter dog trail portaged to the cabin.

The grass on the trail was flat on the ground and the trail was obviously used by bears—so I was definitely on point and put my rifle on the porch of the cabin. I also assumed that Spot would give me an early warning if a bear was in the area looking for an easy meal. I continued to walk back and forth from the cabin and the fish racks back to the boat. In the early evening, the inevitable occurred and a black bear appeared to claim the fish pile. I expected Spot to defend his master, but he evaporated into the brush in wfe guiltless and pathetic aversion to fuck friends date kind of responsibility.

About an hour later Spot reappeared from the woods. Everyone knew the truth. Still, the kids found something redeeming in his pathetic character, and he was allowed to run loose all summer at fish camp. The following seekjng we prepared the team for our first Iditarod.

By race time, I had fifteen dogs, including Spot. At that time,twenty dogs was the team limit allowed by the Iditarod rules. I included Spot in a hopeless gesture to improve the team power. In somewhat of a career record, I started with fifteen dogs and finished with fifteen and placed 11 th. Although Spot did finish the Iditarod and did walk the entire miles of Alaska Wollow trail under his own power, Spot distinguished himself with the most pathetic, lack wife seeking casual sex AK Willow 99688, ignominious performance in Iditarod history.