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Just a regular guy needing to get laid Look For Sex Date

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Just a regular guy needing to get laid

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Does having a nice-guy personality make it easier to get laid?

New research looking at how personality affects mating, however, pokes a hole in that fragile condom. To find out which traits led to bigger scoring and more spawn, the researchers took data from a Australian sex survey of 3, heterosexual men and 1, heterosexual women.

Participants took a Big 5 personality test, and also revealed how often, on average, they had sex in a week and how many children they. Generally, men and women who scored higher on extraversion — being talkative, assertive and energetic — had more partners and more sexual frequency, as well as laidd with higher scores on agreeableness, emotional stability and conscientiousness.

In particular, the combination of high extraversion and lower openness for men led to having more children. For women, only higher agreeableness was correlated with more children.

Certain trait combinations were particularly potent for men. Promiscuity has also been connected with less agreeableness and conscientiousness.

This killer combo is what you might call very generally a nice guy — as in a charming, talkative, outgoing, decent person. Dare I suggest a guy who actually asks his date questions ladi seems genuinely interested in the answers?

The former seems to do pretty all right with the ladies in this crazy world. The latter?

He should be taking notes. Tracy Moore is a staff writer at MEL.

Formerly at Jezebel.