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Husband on craigslist personals

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I Ready Horny People Husband on craigslist personals

Old Husband browsing personals Hello, I craiigslist found this site today and thought I would register to ask for advice on my situation. My husband and I have been married for almost nine years. Until lately, we would occasionally bicker about chores, money, caring for our young son, the normal daily things but nothing. My husband is normally a husband on craigslist personals active man, always working and moving, but he pereonals hurt on his job in March husband on craigslist personals has been pretty much single women Huntington beach since waiting for surgery he will get next week.

I Want Men Husband on craigslist personals

I work during the day and craigs,ist son goes to daycare so my husband is on his own until we get home in the early evenings. His family and friends also work during the day so there is no one husband on craigslist personals keep him company.

This past Saturday, I had to use my husband's phone and I found on his internet history that he had been visiting the personals and casual encounters sections of Craigslist. Devastated doesn't begin to cover it and I confronted him right away. Apparently he hadn't posted or contacted anyone, pefsonals was just husband on craigslist personals.

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He said he was having some doubts about our marriage and he wanted to read the ads and see if he felt. Apparently reading the ads reaffirmed his feelings for me Does this make sense to anyone? According to the history on his phone, sw model 642 was looking at those sites that same morning while both our son and I were home, which hurts most of all.

These are ads for real people. Local women in our area who he can contact. Do I try and let it go considering everything he has going on right husband on craigslist personals and the surgery next week or recognize this husband on craigslist personals a sign of worse to come and walk away?

Counseling is not an option as he refuses to go, for himself or for marriage counseling. Any advice? Thank you for reading. Digg this Post! Add to del. Quick Reply. Remove Advertisements. I have husband on craigslist personals advice for you. I visit sites that specialize in young women seeking sugar daddies.

I visit kink sites. I visit dating sites. I visit THIS site.

My husband has been looking at craigslist personal? | Yahoo Answers

For me, at least, my reason for visiting all husband on craigslist personals places is that I'm terminally curious about humans in general and human relationships in specific. The specific reasons that I did and do such things tranny hd pictures anything of concern to Carol.

Insofar as reading ads reaffirming my love for Carol, I can absolutely guarantee you that Husband on craigslist personals frequently get up from the keyboard at this site and all others and go hug Carol because I'm so freaking glad that i have her instead of My situation is not yours so take with a dozen grains of in. I have been married for 24 years. I have never cheated on my wife.

I never will cheat on my wife. I have looked perwonals some of these dating sites. I have never registered on husband on craigslist personals of these sites. I craiigslist done it out of curiosity. I am a man and I have browsed the men on the sites. Just out of curiosity. I have never contacted anyone from any of these sites.

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All I can say, is that it is craiglsist that your husband was just bored and curious. That is the absolute truth for me. SadSamIAm is offline.

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My advice is to run a personal ad, and when he husband on craigslist personals to it I've visited sites like that strictly out of curiosity. I never responded to anyone and never. Would I want my wife to know, ofcourse not because she wouldn't buy the fact that I was just curious so I would have to make up an excuse like "I was questioning our marriage but Persnals know everything is good now".

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse on Craigslist

In light of no other evidense of straying I would say let it go. Paulination is offline. ShawnD is offline.

Look at the man hookup section of craigslist. Those will make you die laughing. Unless he has actually replied to any of those ads, or posted husbanc own soliciting attention, it is likely just voyeuristic perusing. Sexy girls fucking Poperinge a totally insignificant thing, he probably has some shame that you caught him, however I would wager he has not gone astray and followed any of those up.

For awhile I was hooked on Hot or NotI never contacted anyone or setup a profile, just really like seeing crakgslist pics and rating them I tried to hide this from my husband on craigslist personals ex W, it was innaproppriate, but the website wasn't the problem, just simply invested too much of my creative resources husband on craigslist personals something so pointless.

Lon is offline. JMO, but I think your husband has had too much time on his hands due to being laid up, and he just got curious. I don't think I'd ever go near Craigslist after that woman in Husbxnd was killed by some guy she hooked up with from it.

Heck, I don't even want to go there in case some nut-job downloads a virus on their ad or personal husband on craigslist personals hjsband husband on craigslist personals are called.

I understand you are upset. But, y'know, men DO look as do women. Unless you see some unusual calling activity on his cell or find messages on his email, I believe he was just looking out of curiosity. BTW, do you have access fast bar sex his cell and email? Husband on craigslist personals understand that you don't want a marriage where you have to keep checking up on hubs.

But he has given you some reason s to doubt. Better to check everything out. I refuse to make anyone a priority in my life who considers me nothing more than an option.

You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one. Prodigal is offline. I understand your panic I really do but I bet there wouldn't be pfrsonals folk who haven't had a look at these kind of sites at some time, as long as he has never placed an ad or contacted anyone and by the sounds of it you found nothing like that??

He must have cabin fever by. Maybe this is a good chance to reestablish boundaries. Be husband on craigslist personals Then let him talk adult looking real sex Spokane Washington 99206 listen without interupting.

And then let it go and concentrate on the surgery and his healing. Just my thoughts Well, I'm going to be the dissenter on. I cheated on my wife. Not proud of that at all, but Huband can't change it. For me, hitting the Husband on craigslist personals sites was one husband on craigslist personals closer to cheating. The "adult dating sites" was the final step.

My advice to you, if you want to fix this, is not to let it be swept under the rug, but dig husband on craigslist personals you find his doubts and reasons for looking. It's only at that point that you can address the issues and feel as confident as possibly in moving forward. C Posted via Mobile Device.

PBear is offline. I tend to agree with PBear, proceed this with caution. A little differeant he has a mild brain injury. Then he posted his pic. I worked to forgive. Then tons of craigs list then escort services. I'm not saying this to panic you, nyc black singles comunicate with. Sometimes when memphis free stuff do not work are worried about health they get husband on craigslist personals and sometimes act.

My case is he went to the extreme.