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I like being with family and friends.

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The former Thornhill girl has drawn on her experiences of growing up in 90s Derry for the show, which has been frfe to a mix between Father Ted and The Inbetweeners.

Derry Guided Tours provides the best tours around Derry and surrounding area of Your. Stay in the only hotel located within the historic city walls of Derry. Don't miss the Save €10/£10 per room per night every time you book with us. CLICK HERE. Lisa McGee's much vaunted 'Derry Girls' hits our screen on but makes frequent trips home where many of her best friends still live. Lisa took time out of her busy writing schedule yesterday to have a chat with MARIANNE . It's free, it's just one email once a day, and your email address is safe with us.

She now lives in Cnat with husband and two-year-old son, but makes frequent trips home where many of her best friends still live. Some of them have seen the first two episodes at a small screening we had in Derry- my parents and school friends.

And they enjoyed it, thank God. We live in different places now, but a lot of them are still in Derry.

They are all friends now - a real wee gang. They are lovely and so supportive of each.

Do you think teenagers have a different experience growing up now in the world of social media? I was saying to my husband the last time I was home, we were outside the Strand Cinema waiting for a lift, and I was saying I remembered standing there when I was a teenager waiting for my friends frfe if people turned up, they turned up.

I remember getting dressed up to go and hang about the Richmond Centre! Luve it a difficult sell to get Channel 4 to commission a show comedy based in Derry? And they got it which was great.

One of my friends told her about it recently. I was sitting, at the age I am now, trying to explain to my mother about the time we had Sambucca in the house!

Filming was split between Belfast and Derry, how much of it was filmed here in the city? Derry Girls will broadcast on Channel 4 tonight, Thursday January 4, at 10pm.

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