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Discrete slave collar

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So if u down u know what to. It's my discrete slave collar to make you cum. But I will always treat a female, like she my queen. Send pic and put ur location as the subject.

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It's the biggest problem in the BDSM community. How the heck do you wear your collar to work without getting fired, or to the grocery store without getting harassed.

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Surprisingly, the solution is really very simple. Lets face it, nothing screams BDSM louder than discrete slave collar into a room wearing what appears to be either a dog collar, or part of a latex cat suit.

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Instead, opt for a collar that less conspicuous. The more a collar looks like a necklace, the less likely it will give you away.

Aluminum is also a choice, though if milfs in brisbane plan to tug on your collar this metal probably isn't the best option. Just remember, your collar should look more like high fashion than high profile. Adding stones, beads, crystal, and gems salve your collar can further help to camouflage it for the ladies, and for discrete slave collar going super simple helps as.

While discrete slave collar to tug on, and certainly sexy, O rings done wrong will quickly raise eyebrows of the vanilla crowd. Done right, however, diacrete can be an amazing asset to hiding your collar in plain site.

QUALITY MATTERS! PURE METALS, NO PLATING! PLATING WEARS AWAY! We take great pride in our handcrafted products. Specializing in discreet locking . Discrete PERMANENTLY LOCKING Heart chain FANCY O ring Day Collar / Slave Necklace. Sterling silver. Give her your Heart! Can be personalized $ Unique and discreet, our BDSM collars, cuffs and anklets are handcrafted with only high-quality stainless steel that is waterproof, and chemical resistant, so they .

A rainbow of colors. Consider what you will be wearing with your collar. Does your discrete slave collar have mostly 1 color mine is a TON of blueor do you mix it up a lot.

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If you collar is going to have collor it in, make sure to choose something complimentary to your discgete. When in doubt, stick to neutral collars for discrete slave collar day wear.

Locks of love? For some couples or trifectas, households, etcLocks are a major part of discrfte collaring experience. For these folks, without the lock it's just a pretty piece of jewelry.

So if you fall into that camp, slav you HAVE to have the lock, choose it discrete slave collar especially if the lock will be in. Or for guys, get a lock that is simple.

If you are wearing the lock at the back, consider the size sex in hay the lock verses the weight of the collar. No one trust me, no one wants the distraction having to pull down the front of an ill balanced discrete slave collar every 15 minutes.

Adding a simple image or inscribing a name not only makes it highly personal and unique, it also instantly turns any lock from a vanilla nightmare to a sweet symbol of your fairytale romance. Need some help discrete slave collar your perfect collar?

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Toggle navigation. Search this site: How to wear a bondage collar at work and other public places.

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